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Presidential Primaries

Republican and Demoratic Parties, May 6, 2008

Find out more about the People's Candidate Initiative and candidates in Indiana.

People's Candidate Endorsements

Rep. Ron Paul (Republican)

Dr. Paul is a strict constitutionalist and a libertarian-leaning Republican from Texas. Dr. Paul's #1 priority entering the presidency is to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. He also pledges to practice a responsible foreign policy that truly defends this country, reduce the size and power of federal government, and attempt to abolish the IRS, income tax and Federal Reserve system of taxation. His 20-year congressional voting record consistently supports these claims.

TAKE ACTION! Support Congressman Paul by becoming a Precinct Leader. As a Precinct Leader, your goal is to win Dr. Paul a victory in your precinct, by identifying supporters, winning a few undecided voters, and reminding them get to the polls on Election Day. Go to to sign up. Also, find your local meetup at

Sen. Mike Gravel (Democrat)

The former Alaska Senator Gravel is a strong critic of the Bush administration as well as his own Democratic Party. He advocates rapid withdrawl of U.S. forces from Iraq, an initiative to give Americans more power over legislation, and a replacement of the IRS and income tax with a FairTax.

TAKE ACTION! Support Senator Gravel by getting him on the ballot in your district. To get him on the ballot, we need 500 signatures from each congressional district. The signatures must be from registered voters, and signed on the CAN-8 form. Print some voter registration forms too, so that you can register new voters, get their signature on the CAN-8, and encourage them to vote for Mike Gravel. Voter registration must be complete by April 7. CAN-8's must be turned in by Noon on February 12.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (Green)

Former Georgia Democratic Congresswoman from McKinney has been one of the boldest critics of the Bush administration. She strongly opposes aggressive foreign policy, introduced articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney in 2002, has sought investigations of intelligence agencies, and calls for a criminal investigation into the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, an attack for which the FBI is not charging Osama bin Laden.

TAKE ACTION! The Indiana Green Party is meeting Sunday, February 24th, 1PM EST at Lockerbie united Methodist, 237 North East Street Indianapolis, IN 46204. During this meeting, they will be choosing a process by which they will send delegates to the National Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Chicago in July. Members who are not delegates are welcome to attend and take part in discussions, but will not vote. Non-members are invited to observe and ask questions during non-discussion times. Literature and membership forms will be available.

Complete List of Candidates



  • Mike Huckabee
  • John McCain
  • Ron Paul (campaign site)
  • Mitt Romney (suspended campaign)



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