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U.S. Congress, IN District 7

Primary for U.S. House Candidates, May 6, 2008

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People's Candidate Endorsement

Sean Shepard (Libertarian)

Sean is an impressive young libertarian with beliefs that truly have the best interests of the people in mind. He is concerned about the welfare of the economy, which he expressed in his recent article, "US Economy on the Brink". He recognizes the the CIA’s concept of "blowback", which is the repercussions of foreign policy activities. He says that we should "hand over complete control of Iraq to the Iraqi government and remove our forces ... as soon as is reasonably possible." He advocates making it easier for people to visit and immigrate to America legally, while eliminating "birthright citizenship" and measures that encourage illegal immigration. He wants to allow citizens to opt out of social security, and he advocates abolishing the IRS, income tax and Federal Reserve system, to be replaced with no tax or a FairTax. Hoosiers for Fair Taxation has endorsed Sean Shepard. Listen to an interview with Shepard on Hoosier Access Radio.

TAKE ACTION! Join Shepard's campaign interest mailing list. Send campaign contributions to Shepard for Congress, PO BOX 503446 Indianapolis, IN 46250 (limit $2,300). And visit for more details. =

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News and Articles

2008 Special Election Update (Sean Shepard, Shepard for Congress, March 13, 2008)

7th District candidates appear live on Sunrise (WTHR, February 24, 2008)
Since this forum was on TV, Carson actually made the effort to show up. Carson talked about "comprehensive" reforms, yet his answers were hardly "comprehensive," but vague. Elrod is more informed and specific than Carson. Shepard didn't join the others in pretending to be highly experienced or qualified, instead saying, "probably my best qualification is I'm not experienced at going to Washington and taking your money and wasting it."

Elrod caught on tape working on campaign during House meeting (AP, February 14, 2008)
The Republican state representative and candidate for U.S. Congress was caught by state Democrats signing campaign thank-you letters and sealing them in envelopes. While his "multi-tasking" was legal, a legislative employee who mailed the envelopes may have violated a prohibition against campaign activity in the state legislature.

Shepard Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge (, February 14, 2008)
Sean shows that if he is elected, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) won't be the exclusive "tax payer's best friend" in Congress.

WTHR Channel 13 excludes Libertarian candidate from debate (WTHR, February 13, 2008)
WTHR promotes that they have invited the "two major party candidates" to their February 24th televised debate. They ignore the legitimate candidate Sean Shepard, who will also be on the ballot this March. Contact to let them know that this is unacceptable.

Carson skips 2nd consecutive 7th district forum (Indy Star, February 12, 2008)
Andre has skipped the "People with Felony Convictions Political Forum" on February 8, and now the February 12th "Community Heights" at Arlington Heights Baptist Church. He reportedly has been in Washington meeting with Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi. Nevermind the constituency or the issues, he's counting on DCCC money and following the party establishment line.

Hoosiers for Fair Taxation Endorse Sean Shepard (Hoosiers for Fair Taxation, February 5, 2008)
Shepard wants to abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve, and has made co-sponsorship of the FairTax Act his first priority if elected to Congress.

Tully: Is Carson Ready For Congress? (Advance Indiana, February 1, 2008)
Carson has spent ten years on the Indiana Excise Police force, without any promotions, and has served on City-County Council for just a few months. Is he ready for Congress?

Shepard: US Economy on the Brink (, January 26, 2008)
The Libertarian candidate shows he is both concerned and informed about America's economic situation.

Elrod Unplugged: A Fresh Republican Voice For Indiana (December 27, 2006)
Although trained at the Christian Theological Seminary, State Rep. Elrod separates himself from the religious right. He is a young, motivated lawyer and politician who was discouraged by party leaders from joining this race. Is Jon Elrod an anti-establishment Republican?

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