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U.S. Congress District 16

General Election , November 4, 2008

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People's Candidate Endorsement

John Murphy (Green)

Murphy ran for Congress in 2006 as an independent with the endorsement of 2 county level Green Parties, 2 county level Libertarian Parties, The Reform Party of PA and The New American Independent Party of PA. He says that he would focus on delivering secure, sustainable jobs to the people of the 16th District and the nation, eliminating the federal income tax for Americans making less than $100,000 a year, supporting universal single-payer health care, demanding the immediate return of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and the other 127 nations where they are stationed, and cutting the Pentagon budget in half thereby beginning to pay down our nearly 10 trillion dollar national debt. Murphy also calls for the immediate repeal of The USA Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act and The Protect America Act. He says, "I will offer the voters in the 16th District the ability to take back the Congress from corporate America. I will take no corporate money nor any money from special interest groups".

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